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Meet the Edgecore WiFi 6 – Indoor Access Points!

➡️ EAP101

➡️ EAP102

Edgecore Networks Corporation Networks Wi-Fi 6 #APs provide you with the ultimate speeds and capacity that you need for now and the future.

With Wi-Fi 6 #technology, the AP can deliver ultra-fast speed with low latency and can connect to more devices to provide high-density connectivity, and are 100% backward compatible with older Wi-Fi devices.

Furthermore, the APs support OpenMesh, OpenRoaming, Bluetooth Low Energy & ZigBee for IoT applications. Plus, you can experience quick set-up and easy management using Edgecore ecCLOUD or NetExperience.

Edgecore #WiFi6 APs are perfect for any high-density or performance-critical scenarios such as:

➡️ Small and Medium Enterprise
➡️ Enterprise
➡️ Carrier
➡️ or any other #highdensity environments

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Please keep in mind that we do have #APs in stock, which could be allocated to your projects.

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*NFS offer limited up to 3 units per model (EAP101, EAP102 or SP-W2-AC1200 (WiFi5)) per Customer.

Stuttgart’s days of fun!

We are not a typical team...

We are spread all over the world, so a chance to meet face to face we decided to squeeze to the maximum, like a lemon!

After the colleagues’ journey from Poland and the UK to the Stuttgart office, we had a moment of rest and met with Waldemar Scheck, our Chief Executive Officer.

Here, we focused on innovation and one-on-one meetings to build long-term relationships with the employees who work in Poland and the UK. And later... it only got better!

After kicking it off with an informative company presentation on STORDIS’ past and future and what great goals we achieved this year already, a joint cooking session was on the schedule.

We split up into smaller teams and worked on creating a 3-course meal for us to enjoy later that evening:

We disappeared behind the kitchen pots and cooked together for more than an hour, frying up more than just one common German/Swabian dish!

The next day we toured around Stuttgart together on an interesting “Schnitzeljagd” (scavenger hunt), organized for the team by our own apprentices.

During this scanenger hunt we saw quite a few of Stuttgart's highlights:

  • The world's very first television tower: 60 years old…, 217 meters high…
  • Impressive Johanneskirche protestant church at Feuersee ("Fire Lake")
  • Stuttgarter Rathaus: Stuttgart’s City Hall
  • The historic market hall - best foodie spot
  • Stuttgart’s Schlossplatz, the city’s “Palace Square”: a meeting point for young and old

These were days full of shared conversations, plans for the future of our company, full of laughter and delicious food.

Thank you team!