New Product Launch!!!

STORDIS officially announces the launch of #Switch2Open new series of products. Switch2Open is STORDIS’ brand of approved and tested transmission and interconnect products, complementing the existing Open Networking Switch and SmartNIC Hardware, to provide fully qualified solutions.

➡️ Transceivers

➡️ Direct Attach Copper Cables (DAC)

➡️ Fiber-Optic Cables

STORDIS' engineers are extensively testing the Switch2Open interconnect products against multiple Open Networking Hardware platforms, in combination with various derivates of Open Networking Software, to ensure functionality, performance and the best interoperability.

Currently offering:
  • SFP/SFP+/SFP28 Transceivers
  • QSFP+/QSFP28/QSFP-DD Transceivers
  • 10/25G Direct Attach Copper Cables (DACs)
  • 40/100G Direct Attach Copper Cables (DACs)
  • 40/100G to 4× 10/25G Breakout Direct Attach Copper Cables (DACs)
  • OM4 Multimode Fiber-Optic Cables
  • OS2 Singlemode Fiber-Optic Cables

We're committed to quality and believe that we can offer peace of mind to you by providing safe and certified open networking equipment and delivering premium-quality services.

Follow the link for more details about the product portfolio and get your quote today.

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DAC Cables

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Fiber-Optic Cables

To fully use the power of P4 Switches like the Tofino2 (DCS810) a bit of work is required.

The process of getting your P4 switch ready to run applications can be quite time consuming, especially if you haven’t done it before.

Therefore to speed the process up and save your valuable time, we recently introduced our SwitchON P4 Service.

As a sign of our commitment to you and the P4 community, we are running a limited offering!

We are providing the SwitchON P4 service FREE OF CHARGE for the first 20 customers that purchase a Tofino 2 (DCS810) system with us.

Purchase a Tofino 2 system now and our knowledged P4 trainer will spend 3 HOURS together with you and run you through the process STEP BY STEP!

And since we have the DCS810 in stock, ready to ship, you will be able to play around with your first P4 applications in no time!

SwitchON P4 main features:
  • Un-boxing and checking parts
  • Racking and connecting
  • Console connection and first start up
  • Building the Barefoot SDE
  • bf_switchd startup
  • Compiling and running a P4 test application

This limited-time offer is available for the first 20 systems only.

Hurry up and order the new 32 X 400G Tofino 2 platform!

Additional STORDIS Products

We also would like to mention the availability of the CREDO HiWire SHIFT AEC, 400G QSFP-DD to 4x 100G QSFP28 Active Electrical Cable, which is the perfect accessory to break out those 400G QSFP-DD ports into 4x100G QSFP28 ports, to connect your switches.

On July 7th, 2022 we held a very informative webinar together with our partners from NetExperience!

During this webinar, we were discussing how to lower the cost and increase the security of supply for Wi-Fi deployments using TIP OpenWiFi.

NetExperience, in partnership with Telecom Infra Project offers the first end-to-end WLAN software and service compatible with Open Wi-Fi.

Service Providers, MSPs and Enterprise IT teams increase the quality of experience and reduce cost with Telecom Infra Project’s Open Wi-Fi by combining disaggregated multi-vendor hardware, enterprise Cloud WLAN controller, management, automation analytics and backed by a strong ecosystem.

The live webinar was quite a success – it provided an opportunity for people to ask questions and get answers in real-time.

We once again would like to thank everyone that registered and attended for the great time and experience.

However, if you were not able to attend the live webinar or have missed registering for it – do not worry: We have recorded the full webinar and uploaded it to our YouTube channel. You can check out the recorded webinar on YouTube or watch it directly below:

If you have any questions or want to learn more about NetExperience, go ahead and check this Page page or get in touch with us. Additional information as well as all the presentation documents can be found on the Live Webinar information page – feel free to check it out and share the documents with anyone that might be interested in it.

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