September 1st is traditionally the day that kicks off the new “apprenticeship season” in Germany. It is the time when people, who are eager to learn a trade, are starting their new path.

This year we are happy to be able to provide this path to two new faces in our STORDIS Team:

Yeliz Yalbirdak and Anthony Omegbolu are joining us as apprentices (or “Azubis” as we say in Germany) training to become “Merchants in wholesale and foreign trade”. Both of them will be going through all of our departments and get to know the ins and outs of the different departments and get some real hands-on experience by doing so.

We are proud to be able to call you a part of the STORDIS Team and are looking forward to seeing your progress!

How are you feeling after the first month and have you settled in already?
Are you already looking forward to working in a certain department?

I am feeling really well. The team and the atmosphere are great. I am especially curious to see the management department, as well as the sales department.

Yeliz Yalbirdak

I’ve settled in really well. There is always something to do and the team is great. Every department has its ups and downs and I am looking forward to go through all of the departments.

Anthony Umegbolu

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You may have already noticed that the first Intel® Tofino™ 2 based network switches are starting to become available, for example Edgecore’s AS9516-32D (also known as DCS810), the world’s first 32x 400G P4 programmable switch.

The Intel® Tofino™ 2 ASIC brings P4 programmability to a whole new level, providing a bandwidth of up to 12.8 Tb/s – double the bandwidth than the first-gen Intel® Tofino™.

If you want to learn more about the Intel Tofino 2, we would like to invite you to our upcoming webinar, which we are organizing together with our partners Intel® and Edgecore:

Blazing Fast Performance with Extensive Programmability – Intel Tofino 2

Webinar Title:

Blazing Fast Performance with Extensive Programmability – Intel® Tofino™ 2

About the Webinar:

During the webinar, you’ll learn about the latest innovation from Intel’s Programmable Switch team, the P4 programmable Tofino 2, and how Edgecore Networks is leveraging this new technology in an innovative new switch design aimed at hyperscale data center operators and use cases, including network telemetry, layer 4 load balancing, network packet broker and more. Finally, you will learn about STORDIS and their Academia & Research Program dedicated for P4 and other Programs which are filling the Open Networking gaps.


  • John Demay, Business Development and Sales, Intel Corporation,
  • Matthew Roman, VP Marketing and Product Management, Edgecore Networks,
  • Łukasz Łukowski, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, STORDIS,


, on BrightTALK

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10% Discount on Hardware

Register now and benefit from a special 10% discount* for the Intel® Tofino™ 2 based Edgecore DCS810 (AS9516-32D), by mentioning the code “SDG_A&R_AS9516” in your quote request.

*Special conditions apply for that discount:
  • You need to be registered and approved in our A&R Program and the webinar
  • Limited to 2 units per customer/project
  • Purchase Order must be with STORDIS, before .

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