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Barefoot TofinoTM Switches

Hardware options to join the Barefoot FASTER™ Program

Get access to discounted prices for either the STORDIS APS or Edgecore Networks Wedges

The special rates apply to universities and research projects only. Besides Tofino switches, the program provides access to more than 100 products from top brands including Finisar, Delta Networks, Edgecore Networks, Silicom, Solarflare, Mellanox, Leoni and Rosenberger.

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Learn the P4 Programming Language

STORDIS helps you to find the most suitable way to learning P4



STORDIS ACADEMY is an educational department devoted to providing professional P4 programming language training courses.

Upcoming P4 training



There are multiple ways to get started with P4, regardless of your level of expertise.
Find out the best way to learn P4

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