STORDIS Accelerates Open Networking Revolution with Strategic Relaunch and by joining the Open Network Foundation (ONF)

The firm is repositioning itself in the market as a comprehensive provider of open networking solutions, services and support. As part of its commitment to Open Networking STORDIS has joined the ONF to contribute to the open community.

Stuttgart, Germany | September. 11th, 2018 – STORDIS, today announced a strategic relaunch that includes a reinvigorated focus on its premium hardware, software, support and consulting offerings. The enhanced strategy and market repositioning are based on experience gained over the last years and also the research and development activities carried out in Europe’s largest Open Networking Labs – the STORDIS LABS. Furthermore, STORDIS proudly announces its ONF membership.

“STORDIS has built up significant experience over the course of the last four years since deploying the first open networking-based solutions. We invested heavily over the last 18 months to become one of Europe´s leading service providers and research facilities for open networking, and our efforts are paying off,” said Alexander Jeffries, Founder and CEO of STORDIS. “Based on our years of experience in open networking technology and customer input, we decided to strategically re-focus the entire company on Open Networking solutions and to provide the end-to-end service and support for these solutions to make Open Networking a viable option to traditional network providers.”

Since its initial launch in 2007, STORDIS has made its mark in the enterprise open networking market, which has enabled the company to partner on numerous projects with some of Europe’s most prominent industry leaders in broadcasting, telecommunications and cyber security, among others. Now, unlike other global competitors that either entail product restrictions or offer only products without industry knowledge or support, STORDIS offers a comprehensive package that includes hardware sourcing, software, support and critical expertise through a variety of consulting services – all with the full benefits of open networking.

“Since the time Pica8 shipped the industry’s first Linux NOS on a white box switch back in 2012, we have been huge proponents of constructing a successful open networking ecosystem to replace outdated legacy switches and routers,” said James Liao, CEO of Palo Alto-based Pica8. “We are very happy to see that STORDIS has taken the strategic move to focus entirely on Open Networking technologies. Thus, making them a top choice for consultancy and support on Pica8 products, given their technical competence in this emerging industry.”

Hailed as a game-changing technology, open networking – a decentralized architecture that facilitates a more agile and flexible network – is rapidly changing the networking landscape, offering customers new opportunities that include reduced costs, flexibility, greater independence and higher ROI. However, while containing numerous advantages, the technology by itself leaves customers on their own to oversee and maintain hardware and software products, manage support and keep pace with developments in the industry. That’s where STORDIS comes in – with its knowledgeable team of experts and premium consulting offerings coupled with its open networking solutions, STORDIS fills in many of those critical gaps. 

STORDIS recently became a member of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) to actively contribute to the open networking community and actively participate in various ONF projects.

Besides its contribution to the ONF, STORDIS is a member of the P4 Language Consortium and actively providing P4 trainings via STORDIS ACADAEMY. STORDIS ACADEMY is a training centre offering knowledge on the latest technologies like SDN Controllers, Switch OSes, Open Networking, OpenFlow, P4 programming language and many other topics.

“It’s well established that the team at STORDIS can provide guidance and consultancy for any size of network architecture,” said Waldemar Scheck, STORDIS VP of Sales and Technology, who is also leading the team of engineers and consultants driving the company’s new direction.  “Our long-standing history as a distributor has helped pave the way for our relaunch by laying the foundation of an extensive network of international manufacturers and suppliers. With the capabilities of STORDIS LABS, where we test different Switch OSes, set up different architecture designs, test the latest hardware, carry out quality assurance, have systems set up for support etc. we are ideally setup to provide high quality solutions and services for our enterprise customers.”

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STORDIS, founded in 2007, is The Open Networking Expert and leading provider of Open Networking Infrastructure Solutions with a strong presence in academia and research, cyber security, defence, financial services, media and entertainment, service providers, and telecommunications industries.
STORDIS is a supporter and contributor to the open source community efforts within the networking space.

With offices in Germany and the United Kingdom, STORDIS is specialized in developing, delivering and supporting tailor-made networking solutions for customers worldwide. As a full solution provider, STORDIS offers various services likes consultancy, hardware sourcing and technical support to enterprises of any size. The company runs two of the most advanced LABS for Open Networking hardware in Europe and helps to train developers and engineers on new technologies like P4 through STORDIS ACADEMY.

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