WHD Global, 15th - 17th March 2016

At WHD we will present Edge-Cores Bare Metal Switches with PICA8’s switch OS, ideally suited for the SDN requirements of ASPs, ISPs & telcos. Further we'll display WDM solutions, a full range of network cards and accessories.

STORDIS is Europe’s leading specialized networking distributor.
The traditional world of proprietary networking hardware is being turned on its head by a range of new, more open technologies. The “white box” or “bare metal” switches used to run these new SDN solutions can reduce hardware costs by as much as 40%.
STORDIS are at the forefront of building enterprise-ready solutions around technologies and standards such as Open vSwitch, OpenFlow, OpenDaylight and ONL.
We are working with some of the leading vendors and open source projects in the space, to develop optimised hardware architectures that exploit the full potential of these new technologies.
Our unparalleled knowledge of the inner dealings of the hardware industry, allows us source bare metal switches with the same components and, often, from the same OEM manufacturers as the tier-one hardware vendors. The end result is near identical hardware, running ultra-reliable next generation software, at a fraction of the cost.
But SDN is more than just about cost. It also delivers massive benefits in flexibility for both traditional application environments and more modern Cloud, PaaS and hybrid environments.
Software Defined Layer 3 intelligence enables network admins to spin-up and take down new networks in minutes. They can define more complex networking rules and intelligence which can be integrated into application functionality. Add in network virtualization, and networks can now automatically follow applications running in VMs to take full advantage of modern, dynamic virtualized environments.
It is not just switching. As networking intelligence moves to become software-defined, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) is seeing a whole range of devices move from being proprietary black box solutions, to become software solutions running on open hardware. Firewalls, intrusion detection, networking monitoring and bandwidth management are all now available as software modules for bare metal architecture.

Stordis' Booth WHD Global