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Open Compute Project (OCP)

A Platform for Open, Collaborative Practices

The idea behind the Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation was initiated in 2009 by Facebook, when a team of engineers aimed to design and build the world’s most energy- and cost-efficient data center. The successful design was released in 2011, and Facebook partnered up with Intel, Rackspace, Goldman Sachs and Andy Bechtolsheim to launch the Open Compute Project Foundation. The members’ aim was to create a platform for open, collaborative practices, in which members continue to research, design and develop efficient network solutions, and to encourage the IT industry to evolve.


The Open Compute Project Foundation is committed to excellence and is one of the most relevant open source associations with a rapidly growing community. To maintain a high standard, the OCP set up four tenets, three of which are obliged to apply to every contribution: efficiency, scalability, openness and impact.

Products can be marked as OCP Accepted when they “comply 100% with an OCP accepted specification and the design files are open sourced and available”, and OCP Inspired when they “comply 100% with an OCP accepted specification and are available from a Gold, Silver or Platinum member of OCP”.  Member facilities can be marked as OCP Ready™ when they meet the Colocation Facility Guidelines for Deployment of Open Compute Project Racks.



STORDIS contributed the specifications of the Tofino-based STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches BF2556X-1T and BF6064X-T to the OCP, which are OCP Accepted™ since 2019 and open to the public at the OCP Contributions Database.

Today, the OCP Contributions Database hosts around 200 contributions in the form of specifications, design packages and white papers. Beside Facebook, contributions are made by renowned enterprises including Microsoft, Edgecore Networks, AT&T, Delta Electronics, Intel, Dell Inc., Google, IBM, Nokia, Quanta Cloud Technology, Tencent, Deutsche Telekom, Toshiba and Samsung. STORDIS made the specifications of the Tofino-powered STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches available to the public in 2019 and the powerful open networking switches became OCP Accepted™.


The contributed projects cover a variety of IT areas, including data center, hardware management, networking, security, telecommunication and open system firmware. Some of the most interesting projects for us in regards to Open Networking are ONIE, ONL, SAI and SONiC.


Major contributions of STORDIS to the OCP since the last year include current versions of ONIE (Open Network Install Environment), ONL (Open Network Linux), Stratum – an Open Networking Foundation project – and SONiC (Microsoft), which run on the APS.

The OCP Solution Provider (SP) / Reseller Program leverages organizations who manufacture, integrate and resell OCP Accepted and/or OCP Inspired solutions, to indicate proficiency and a high quality standard.

In March 2020, STORDIS became an official Solution Provider (SP) and the first two models of the Tofino-based STORDIS Advanced Programmable Switches are listed at the OCP Marketplace.

Requests regarding our OCP contributions and the APS can be sent via email to

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The OCP organizes notable events, focusing on technology innovation and discoveries, and gives an outlook on challenges and an outlook on developments in the area of open source networking. In 2019 the OCP Global Summit in San José, California, attracted more than 3,600 attendees and the OCP Regional Summit in the Netherlands was equal in every way, hosting 7 technical tracks and more than 80 presentations in the same year.


STORDIS is an official sponsor and attendee of the OCP events. Follow the link for more information about upcoming events:

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The continually growing community of the OCP currently counts around 210 members grouped into the membership levels Platinum, Gold, Silver and Community. Various partners of STORDIS are already members of the OCP, including Cumulus, Delta Networks, Edgecore Networks, Finisar, Silicom and Solarflare. STORDIS joined the OCP as a Platinum member in February 2019.


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